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Recyclable trash for scrap metal buyers NJWelcome to Scrap Metal Buyers NJ.  TOP Scrap metal buyers and recycling prices -Call (772) 206-0441 or 1800-983-8926 in New Jersey. Get the best scrap metal prices for CASH and WE ALWAYS recyling copper,stainless steel, bare bright, residential stuff, old junk and more!    If you are  searching for buyers of scrap metal that is found in your homes to commercial establishments. Did you ever wonder where you can sell your scrap metal in NJ? Well I did, and you can get cash too for your scrap metals, tin, copper, automotive, stainless steel, junk, dumpsters, and all metals, etc.

We are here to help businesses, residents and other environmentally friendly offices choose the best scrap metal buyers in NJ. I want to share ways that you can recycle and not toss garbage but be environmentally friendly, then help you find out how to get cash from recycling your metals and other precious ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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Hazardous and Recycling Concerns of Scrap

Since I had worked for a major print company, I didn’t realize the environmental impact Recycle with scrap metal buyers in NJ that all this scrap metal, machine parts and computer and other technical parts would have on the environment.

Recycling reduces green house gas emissions, conserves energy and is good for the economy by recycling and best of all, you can make money from recycling.

I found out the difference between ferrous metals which contain iron and small amounts of other metals and non-ferrous metals that don’t contain any iron, such as aluminum, copper, lead, zinc and tin.

The common pure metals are aluminum, copper, iron, lead, zinc, tin, silver and gold.

It’s amazing but most people have a treasure of gold in their scrap metals and don’t know about it.

As another concerned citizen in corporate America, we can’t just toss out our scrap waste, since these materials and other precious metals, such as steel and products made from steel, sheet metal, lead and lead products, brass and copper products, iron and aluminum are hazardous to our environment, so we need to recycle these scrap metals.

Recycling is done when the scrap is processed or melted down for new materials. Scrap metal buyers take the scrap to a scrap yard, junkyard, wrecking yard for processing where it’s processed for melting. Many scrap yards let the metal buyers browse to purchase items before they send it to the smelters, but the bigger yards will not, and sell the entire lots of scrap and bulk metals below retail.

Scrap Metal Concerns & the Environment

Environmental Hazards with scrap metal buyers around NJI found out through the friendly corporate environment that scrap metal buyers around the area of NJ collect scrap and recycle, process and reuse many household products from precious metals, broken glass, newspapers, plastic spoons, computer scrap and more!

Recycling is great for the environment and this allows the original material to be used in new products and costs less in energy and money than producing new materials.

Pollution reduction for the environment is great, since it minimizes the amount of land needed for scrap products and trash.

A lot of rules and scrap regulations and permits abound in the government for scrap metal buyers and scrap metal removal in NJ. It is always good to investigate whether the scrap metal buyers follows these procedures and licensing requirements of scrap removal.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has strict rules for scrap metal removal and the recycling process and treatment of scrap metals, which involves storm water regulations.

There is also a NJ Statute for operators of scrap metal removal businesses. There is also pending legislation, NCSL – National Conference of State Legislatures, in NJ, that due to the high theft of metals in wiring and piping, that many scrap metal buyers, dealers and recyclers keep stringent records regarding their purchases and receipts of metals on the property. This is due to the fact that metals as copper and aluminum are in high demand in the U.S.

Scrap Metals and Value around Your HomeGet Cash for your scrap metals from scrap buyers NJ

I found many Scrap metal buyers buy ferrous and non-ferrous metals in the area of NJ, but some are better than others. Depending on whom you go to for scrap recycling other buyers offer cash for iron, copper and other waste materials. A few things I found out quickly when we were renovating our home.

Some NJ scrap metal buyers collect scrap from all industries, schools, commercial industries and the local collector of scrap and aluminum cans. You can’t imagine the things around the house you may have to recycle and scrap. Maybe you are renovating a kitchen or bathroom, and those old pipes and taps that are copper and brass can be brought to a scrap metal buyer since these are expensive. You can get money from scrap removal instead of tossing things in the trash.

Copper is valuable and a non-ferrous metal. Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc is as valuable as the copper, so if you are living in an old home, there may be many things that you have for scrap metal removal , including brass scrap and copper scrap, recycle scrap and you may get money.

Old homes, old toilets from brass, laundry sinks from iron or steel, hot water services with copper tanks inside, car battery scrap have metal inside and even the plastic covered wires, kids old bikes, rusty garden equipment and a lot more is great the scrap metal buyer and scrap yard not the garbage!

What do Scrap Metal Buyers offer Residents and Industries in NJ?
Precious Junk for Scrap Metal Buyers NJ

Many scrap metal buyers offer pick-ups and haul away programs for big industries, including government and rails, since many rail roads scrap their rail steel and twisted rails frogs, and construction and renovation sites need scrap metal disposal. Some scrap metal buyers offer containers for commercial industries for their scrap and then will haul it away.

Most people in our area of NJ have a lot of scrap from everything inside their homes to everything outside their homes. The list of scrap you can recycle ranges from automotive scrap, damaged car scrap, engines and vehicle part scrap, refrigerators, ovens, types of furniture, toasters, electric wires, stainless steel and carbide. You may have a treasure of wealth around your home and you will be paid cash for your trash and scrap.

Especially if you’re in the home building business or home renovation, from lawnmowers to window AC units, central heating units these are all worth money and scrap metal buyers in NJ will pay differing amounts of cash to consumers and industries in NJ.

Now, how do you find the best scrap metal buyers in NJ offering the best scrap metal prices in NJ? At this site, Scrap Metal Buyers in NJ, you will find the best recommended scrap buyers that us consumers found to give top cash and are the top-rated recyclers in NJ.


Scrap Metal Prices are determined by the weight, metal and scrap yard you sell to. Scrap metal buyers want to make the most money, so in a highly competitive area, metals will be bought for closer to “spot” price, aka the price determined by the commodities market and international markets. Many times they will buy things from the consumer as cheap as possible if the scrap yard is looking to make a bigger profit.

To find scrap metal buyers that give top value for scrap and metals is always based on the active commodity markets as, London Metal Exchange, LME and Comex, New York Mercantile Exchange and Commodity Exchange.

Finding the best scrap metal prices and the best scrap metal buyers in NJ is possible and we have found and will recommend the best to you.
A good site to get spot market pricing on copper, aluminum non-ferrous scrap metal recycling, computer and telecommunications recycling here at Scrap Index Spot Market.