Scrap An Air Conditioning Unit

Scrap metal buyers love buying hvac and air conditioning units.  BIG money is made here with scraping air conditioners.

Scraping metal can be a very lucrative endeavor. There are times when finding the perfect item can be tough and other times when you can find the perfect item effortlessly. For instance, an air conditioning unit is packed with various metals that can be worth a lot of money. Copper is also very prevalent in AC units and is very valuable. However, knowing the exact value of a unit will ensure a person gets the most money out of their scraping efforts.  HERE IS HOW TO BREAK DOWN AIR CONDITIONERS TO MAKE MORE MONEY!

Breaking Down an Air Conditioner

There are two methods that will allow you to properly break down a scrapped air conditioner. The BFH and disassembling method are by far the most popular choices. It is actually beneficial to combine these methods to produce faster results. First, the shell of the unit needs to be removed. This is usually fastened on with bolts that simply need to be removed. Central air conditioners are a little different and cutting the condenser line will do the trick.

The BFH method allows for easy removal on the inner workings of the unit. Separate any steel components as much as possible to reveal the copper lines. These lines should be cut using durable copper wire cutters or a quality bolt cutter. This is to ensure that you get the most money out of your efforts. Cut all of the connections as close to the steel as possible, but not close enough to do any damage to the steel itself. Soldered joints should be cut out of the lines because they are considered copper #2 and are commonly used to create brass. Anything that does not have paint on it will be considered copper #1 and is very important to scrap.

An oil pan can be used to collect any compressor oil that has been released from cutting the copper lines. It is very important that freon or any other refrigerants are disposed of properly. This is to comply with the strict laws set by the Environmental Protection Agency. There are many recycling centers that will be able to dispose of freon properly. Improper disposal can lead to hefty fines or even jail.

Depending on the particular AC unit, there will be various parts that can be scrapped. Portable units have more plastic than its counterparts, but are worth the effort of scraping properly. Window units are small and heavy, but their radiators and condensers are still worth the effort. Larger units are worth significantly more money because they have very large radiators and condensers. However, it is important to take them apart on a sturdy surface because they come apart easily. No matter how big or small a unit is, there is value in every air condition unit you can scrap.

Scrap Compressors and Sealed Units

Air condition units are heavy because of the compressors inside of them. These ensure that fluids keep flowing in the unit and usually have a lot of oil in them. However, breaking them down will leave you with a lot more copper, steel and various other metals. There are even scrap yards that will take them without you having to break them down. Either way, to get the most money out of scrapping you need to find a way to sell them or break them down.

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