Scrapping Computers – Big Business

Scrap Metal Buyers around the areas of NJ, from Wayne to Passaic, Morris, Essex and Bergen Counties, now pay cash for recycling computers.  Recycling electronics, such as old computers saves the environment and decreases hazardous waste to our environment.
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As technology in our country continues to evolve, so does the products in our homes. For the first time, children and teenagers have grown up fully in an internet age where computers were a necessity at home. As new models have come in, with faster performance and more specs, the computers of the past have often been relegated to closets in apartments or garage attics.  Luckily, there are plenty of options in which a computer can be scrapped and bought, no longer needing to take up a bunch of storage space at home.

Selling scrapped computers for profit requires legwork and more than a little knowledge about computers and their component parts. Each component part is made of a different material and carries a different value. In order to get the most money per machine, scrappers must break down the computer into sellable parts, accumulate these parts, and then sell a bulk amount to a scrap yard or specialty buyer.

A computer comprises of these sellable components:

1.   The Case- This is the outer, protective casing of the computer. This component is made of steel.

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2.   Disk Drives- Every computer has a disk drive of some sort. This includes CD Drives, old floppy drives, and DVD drives. These components are made of what is known a high-grade board.

3.   Hard Drives- This component is typically made of a combination of milled aluminum, stainless steel, and high-grade board.

4.   CPU- This is found on the motherboard. This is where scrappers typically find the highest concentration of gold within the computer.

5.   RAM- This is another component found on the motherboard. RAM chips have gold connectors that can be clipped.

6.   PCIs- This is yet another component found on the motherboard. This mini-board also has gold connectors that can be clipped.

To get at these moneymaking components, scrappers use basic tools like pliers and a screwdriver. It is okay to be a little rough in extracting these parts. The computer never needs to work again. Most computers can be opened up with nothing more than a few twists of a screwdriver. Some of the newer models just require the scrapper to pop the case with a flathead. After the computer is opened up, it is as straightforward as cutting wires and removing everything of value and sorting it into the appropriate pile.

The key to making money scrapping useless computers is to store the separate components until a large amount is amassed. Bulk rates are typically significantly higher than piecemeal rates. The case, motherboard, disk drives, and hard drives can be sold to a scrap yard. These specialty yards can be found very easily. It is essential not to mix gold connectors, PCI boards, CPUs, and RAM.

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